How strategic design can help you build a brand

The secret of success in social networks is strategic design. You can not be alone in the networks without thinking and planning how we should behave.

Communicating messages effectively is the purpose of the entire brand, but it is through the image that it has lately become easier to reach many people in the world.

Strategic design seeks to link people with a brand, leads to become true fans or customers. The brands that attract the most people who shed their corporate image but not as they did before, now brands must seem common users but with a touch of creativity, originality and context.

¿What strategy to apply?


It is a good decision, it depends on each business philosophy and the objectives that led them to make a presence in social networks.

Each image must have a single objective, but all must form a general message, which can be about the idea that wants to project the brand on its followers, for example, that people know that they are the best in a certain area, reliable or perhaps they are an open brand to all the interaction that the follower wants to develop with them.

The designs should be uniform in context but should vary so as not to bore the users and especially to get new challenges in the social media plan.



  • Design a plan before the images.
  • Usually use the same fonts and styles.
  • Use similar colors in all publications.
  • Do not play improvise, have a clear intention
  • Be consistent in the concept of your publications.
  • Inject colors that attract attention.
  • Use quality photographs with excellent resolution and if you’re better.
  • May the originality of your flag. Do not copy to the competition.

Anything that can contribute to achieving the objectives is welcome. We can not expect others to tell us, we have to try and improve it.