Why perfectionism kills creativity and how to overcome it

Being a perfectionist can bring good things because it drives us to improve. But sometimes it becomes a problem. It is the way in which we demand to enrich everything we do to obtain different benefits such as recognition, increase of skills, increase in employment or any other goal that we pose.

The inconvenience arises when that perfectionism is never satisfied and in the eagerness to make everything perfect we neglect the creativity and the spontaneous passion that we normally inject to our work.

¿Why are we perfectionists?


It is due to the need for control. People, most of us, want to be aware of everything, to direct what happens around us as long as it can be done. This applies to all stages of our lives. It is our responsibility to make perfectionism not affect our work or emotional development.

¿How to deal with it when it affects us?


We must understand that perfectionism is not so good when used as an excuse to not meet challenges, and becomes a competition rather than an act to enhance our talents.

Therefore, accept that not everything can go well in the first step, After making mistakes, integrate them into the creative process of any project. In the event that many errors occur it is recommended that strategies be proposed to achieve the goals.

Do not be afraid of failure


It is part of life and understanding it prevents us from having bad times. Being a perfectionist and having a afraid of failure is a big problem, because a minimum error can make throw everything and stop undertaking.

Excess of perfection ruins creativity and lets it die. We must overcome ourselves more and more but without falling into the exaggeration that It stresses us and does not make us lose our heads thinking how not to fail.