You need to know about hashtags

The hashtag is a word or phrase that accompanies a ‘#’ as a prefix, makes it a link to several publications that have the same hashtags. Many of the popular social networks support these tags, but it was Twitter who started this search tool.

The importance of hashtags lies in the fact that they can reach several contents at once, which is why, when community managers or account managers use them to position their publications.

¿How to do Hashtags use?


The hashtags use only letters and numbers, no special characters, or exclamation marks, question marks, commas, or dots. If a phrase like hashtag is used, the words pasted should be placed, eg: #ThisIsAPhrase or #Fest2017.

It is recommended to create a phrase with the use of capital letters in each word, it is easier for people to read and understand them.

Brands and hashtags


Businesses that make their living on social networks create their own hashtags to be identified and found more easily. These words have become a kind of digital slogan that brands use to make users also contribute content linked to their products or services.

How many hashtags to use?


It is not a rule that should be broken to be able to use social networks but if we use three hashtags it is more pleasing to the eye for followers. One will be the official hashtag of the brand and the other of some related products, occasion or anything else for find your publication by many users.

To know which one to use is you can go to Hashtagify, the most experienced search engine that finds Twitter hashtags.

We must see hashtags as part of the social media plan because it is an ally to find content from the competition, from our followers or for people to find our content.