How to make awesome videos with your Iphone

The Iphone is considered to be one of the best mobile devices in history and one of those who monopolize more sales annually since its launch. Its operating system is very secure and its hardware becomes more attractive in each version.

Another reason why everyone wants to have an Iphone is because of the potential of their camera. It allows you to capture scenes with an impressive quality, both static (photography) and audiovisual (videos).

¿How to make sensational videos with an Iphone?


About of videos, we will provide some useful tips to make excellent clips with any version of IPhone.

1. Uses tripod


Not all Iphones have the function of optical stabilization, only the 6 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. Those who have previous versions should choose to use a tripod so that the image does not appear shaky. If you do not have a tripod then you’d better apply these tactics:

  • Keep the phone held with both hands and as close to the body as possible, that is, with your elbows well bent toward your body.
  • Try to breathe slowly.
  • A good alternative is to place the Smartphone on a table or anything flat surface.

2. Do not do Digital Zoom


To get a quality video you should not use the zoom. It will be best to approach the target. The only device with optical zoom is the 7 Plus, with this zooming does not generate any type of noise in the image.

3. Lighting


Light is everything in photography or video. Using flash is not recommended for projection professional videos. Use natural light as much as possible or artificial lights such as bulbs or candles.

Other recommendations:


  • To enrich your videos you can use Slow Motion or Time Lapse, especially in those with a lot of action, such as sports activities.
  • Edit the video on a computer with a quality software.
  • Always record horizontally.
  • Put iPhone in airplane mode to avoid sounds generated by messages or calls.
  • Use the grid to frame the elements within the video.