Know all about Klobic to create amazing banners

If you need to create a banner like a professional, with a design adapted to the new standards, Klobic is a solution. Not only allows you to design your own banner in a few steps, also it is simple and intuitive; the only thing is difficult to agree on the use of the multiple tools it offers.

The first thing to do is to create a user account, it is very simple, once created, you enter with the data generated and you can quickly start to create the banner you need. You will find two options in the menu: My banners and Create new.

Now, get to know the tools of the Klobic editor:

If you access My banners there you will see all the designs you have made, which will be available whenever you want. You can edit them whenever you want.

In the section of Create New you will find two alternatives: Display Ads and Social Media; In the first you will see the most popular banner options and an additional option marked with a box and the “+” in the middle, which gives us the opportunity to set the size of our preference.

In the Social Media section, as the name implies, there are the sizes defined for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, as in the previous section, there is the alternative of giving the banner a Custom size.

Once you have chosen the size and type of banner you can start editing it. You will immediately see the spectrum of tools available, distributed in a side menu which contains: Templates (static and animated), Banner Background, Add text, Photos, Shapes, Buttons and More, where are the Video and Embed options.

Each time you click on an item within the banner, a small panel with other options will open to modify the selected item. In each of them you can change the color size, borders, effects if applicable, transition if applicable and much more.

On the right edge of the editor are the indicative of each of the elements that you have in the banner, as well as their position according to the layers.

Once your project is finished you can save it by clicking the Save button in the right corner of your canvas, this will be added to My banners so that you can then re-edit, duplicate, delete or proceed to acquire it to integrate it into your website or social network.