Insert a media element into a banner

Creating a banner with a multimedia element could be beneficial for a brand that should show more than just a set of items. Being able to add a video or a post of social network is possible with the Klobic banners.

There are web pages that allow you to upload your own content to transform it into a code that can be used by webmasters to add such a tool to their portals. Any of those websites will throw the same style of code that could be inserted into any blog or site regardless of the platform on which it was built, also in banners.

¿How to add content to a banner through an embed code?

It’s very simple. If you have already registered on our website you only have to choose the type of banner you want: “Display Ads” or “Social Media”. When you have done this you should only:

  1. Select a template in which to configure the banner and insert the necessary elements.


  1. Press the “More” button. It is the last one in the panel that has three consecutive points.

  1. There you will find two options: “Add Video” and “Add Embed”. We will use the second option by clicking on it.
  1. A gray box will be inserted in the banner, then click on it and a small panel will appear with which we will modify that element.

First you will see the option Color, there you can select a background color for the box: solid, in gradient, or add a background image. In that same menu you will find different filters to be added or the alternative of “shadows“.

In “Settings” is where you insert the code that you have arranged to do so. In the example is a code extracted from Instagram.

You can put the edges of the color you want and the thickness you want. Also use a scrolling for people to move in the embed. Select the size to adjust automatically.

Below are the “Layers” options to place the embed below or above other elements of the banner.

“Transition” so that it has an animated effect when it appears inside the banner. Each effect will have the same effect as the one in which the effect will be active.

This way you can add any type of content that you get through an embed code that you can use freely, whether by license or by your own creation.

Finally you can save your banner and follow the instructions to get it and publish it.