How to get more instagram followers in 5 steps

Instagram has become one of the social networks with more users, is fourth in the world ranking. Its popularity increased when the celebrities created profiles and began to publish images pertaining to their private life. In addition, the style of the photographs with their filters and presentation forms attracts everyone.

In community management, Instagram represents the tool that “worth gold”, because, being a medium mostly visual, the chances of attracting the attention of potential clients is very great.

¿How to win more followers on Instagram?


As in any social network, Instagram does not have established rules to increase the number of followers but there are guidelines of “good behavior” that are the ones that help the accounts to be attractive to the people.

1. Pleasant and complete biography


The cover letter, the biography should be interesting, invite people to want to know more about us or the brand by viewing the photographs. External methods of contact such as telephones and / or e-mail should not be lacking. It is recommended to fill in the field of web page, does not matter if it is with the link to our profile in another social network.

2. Useful and interesting content


People will leave your profile if they do not find anything that interests them. The content must be adapted to the theme of the Instagram account and to provoke reactions in people, so that they can be loyal to the brand.

3. Socialize


People want answers and more when they ask a important question. As far as possible, the ask should never be left unanswered. Solving a doubt can cause a sale or diffusion of our publications by those users.

4. Do not follow and stop following


Some people use tools to know who does not follow them. If you make it sure they will stop following you too. With this you would lose a considerable amount of users.

5. Comment on other post related to your topic


Do not make direct invitations to follow, just say something interesting on the publication and many will be interested in you.