How to add a background image to Klobic banners

An element that can guarantee or not the success of a banner is the image. It is the first thing that will catch the attention of users entering a website or social networks.

Sometimes we want our banner to have a background image instead of a solid color, in order to give it a different style than the usual one we see. In addition to the fact that the publications, banners or images for social networks get a greater reach if they show people or the product to sell with an artistic form.

In the Klobic editor you can use any photo or image so that the ad stands out among the content of the web where it will be hosted or that draws much attention in the social network where it will appear.To place a background image in the banner you must follow these steps:


  1. Select a “template” in which the banner will be configured.

Step 1



  1. You can delete the whole background of the banner to have a better idea of ​​how to place the photograph that you will upload to Klobic. To do this you must click on “background” and place it transparent – gray squares and black-

Step 2


  1. Then proceed to upload the desired image by pressing the “Add image” item.

Step 3


  1. In this part you will have two options for your photographs; the first will be to choose among the photos that Klobic has to be used without any additional amount. The other alternative is to upload an image from your computer by clicking on “My images” and then “Click to Upload or Drag and drop file here”.

Step 4


  1. The images are adjusted by pulling the corners so that they take the proper proportion.

Step 5


Then you have to make the new image be placed on the bottom. This is achieved in the “Layers” element and the “Move down” button, so that the items already in the banner will be placed in the photo. On the right side of the editor you will see how it moves between each of the layers that contain the banner.


Step 6

Step 6


With these simple steps you can have a striking, unique banner and ready to start the conversion.