How to get a banner ready to host it on your web

The banners are just one of the alternatives that exist in the world of online marketing to gain benefits for a brand. It is amazing what can be achieved by just placing a image with a good copy and some photos.

The importance of using banner advertising campaigns:

When it was understood that the ads in the form of banners are very useful, they began to improve both their design and their distribution in the web pages. With the banners you can:

Sell ​​More: Technically, they serve as a cover letter that sends people to a virtual store or to a contact form.

Providers of good news: When people see a banner they sense that behind them is a new product from the market or a great offer on known merchandise.

They go directly to the target audience: Now the banners can only be shown to the public that may interest you, this will help to increase the audience of your web page and therefore the sales.

Create a banner in Klobic

Get ads without being a graphic designer. In our editor you will find predefined templates that will help you build ads to match any professional in the field.

We have a comprehensive guide on how to create a banner that has real impact. The ads that we have saved will be found in the section My Banners, there we can select some of them to download it and ready to be embedded in our website or that of a client.

The procedure for acquiring a banner in Klobic is as follows:
  1. When you think the banner is ready, press the Save button. A window like this will appear:

You must enter a name for the banner. Even if you do not, Klobic will provide a default name. The image shows what you must fill in to save it.

  1. The saved banner will be at your complete disposal to re-edit, duplicate, download, get the embed code or delete it.

If you decide to download the banner, you can do it in three formats: PNG, JPG and GIF. This option is completely free but the image you get will have the Klobic logo. If you want to have a banner free of brands then you must buy it for a small fee.

To buy a banner that you have designed, simply press the Buy button at the bottom of the banner box, doing so will open your PayPal account to finalize the payment.

This way you will have the banner free of marks.