How to Create Responsive HTML5 Banner Ads

The use of HTML5 to create banners, compared to other tools like Flash, is simple and immensely important: with the first our banners they look in any device.

HTML is the language that uses words that are interpreted by the browser and transformed to all the elements you see on your screen. The browsers see a code, but we see images, sources, we hear the sounds and others.

¿What is the benefit?


Clearly, we will increase our number of potential subscribers, customers, loyal users or other.

Designing responsives ads, that is, that fit all types of screen, is ideal if we want our campaign to fulfill its purpose, and of course we want that. Still images like those made with GIF or Flash will not look good on Smarthphones or tablets, so clicks are hard to assimilate.

Another important aspect is that before there was to make several banners, now only one is created with HTML5 that fits the devices. This reduces investment and errors.

Being made with a code used for the creation of web pages, the banner can contain any type of elements supported by this language, so the content will be more dynamic and versatile.

Banner types made with HTML5



  • 468 × 60 Banner
  • 234 × 60 half banner
  • Skyscrapers width of 970 × 90
  • 120 × 90 button
  • Classification 729 × 90

Medium Rectangle

  • 120 × 240 vertical banner

250 × 250 square

  • Medium rectangle 300 × 250


  • 120 × 600 Skyscrapers
  • Skyscrapers of 240 × 600
  • 300 × 600 Half page
  • Skyscrapers width of 160 × 600

You can place any type of font, any image and adapt it to a page in the place you want, you just have to learn to use HTML5 and all the virtues it possesses.

This way you can get more clicks and publish your message all over the web or social networks.