How to create your own banner format in Klobic

In the vast majority of templates for web pages, the designers allocate spaces for the placement of banners with the objective of promoting external sites – other pages with different domain – or lead to the visitors to a section the web that houses these ads, as an example: an area for people who subscribed to special content.

In many cases, it is necessary to create banners with custom sizes to suit the design of the web, especially if you try to create a very creative site, which stands out for a different appearance than usual.

In Klobic you can make your own banners, that is, with the size and aesthetics you prefer. We have a complete, easy-to-use editor with many cutting-edge elements.

¿How to create a banner with a custom size?

  1. Sign in with your Klobic account. If you have not already created, press the “Register” button in the upper right corner and the window like this will appear:

Then, enter with the data provided:

  1. In the “Create New” section you will find the types of banner available to start editing: “Display Ads” and “Social Media”. First you must choose which one to use. If for example you need a Display Ads but none of the default sizes are ideal for your web you can make a banner with the width and length you want. To do this you must press “Size of Custom”:

  1. Quickly you will see that a window opens with the editor. The first thing to do is determine what background color the banner has. This may be the third step but you do not necessarily have to select the background color of your banner to continue. You can go straight to step 4 and return to this later.

  1. This is where you change the size of the banner. Enter the width and length; press the “Apply” button. It will automatically change the size of the banner.

When you change the flag size, start designing it as needed:

  1. Once the editing process is finished, you can save the banner by pressing the Save button in the upper right corner of the editor. A small window will appear in which you should:
  • Write a name for your banner (optional).
  • Enter the URL to direct from the flag when people click on it.
  • Select the _blank properties to open the link in a new window, _self to open the banner in the window containing it, _parent to open the link in the parent frame in the same frame or _top to open in the window and disappear the frames.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to preserve the Ads for a later edition. You can also duplicate it, delete Or obtain it through purchase.