How to add a video to a banner in Klobic

Some campaign types will require that a video be included in the banners to show some explanation, “Do it yourself” or part of a music video. In Klobic you can add videos to ads in a simple way; with just a few clicks you can design a banner like a professional.

Before creating a banner with video you must confirm that it is the best option. For example, if the web that will host the ad have an automatic playback of another ad or content, the banner should not contain a video or at least one with sound.

¿How to add a video to a banner?

The first thing to do is to login with your Klobic account and choose between “Display Ads” or “Social Media” depending on the destination of the banner.

Then do the following:

  1. Select a “template” in which the banner will be configured.


  1. Go to the “More” button, the last one in the panel that has three consecutive points.
  1. There you will find two options: “Add Video” and “Add Embed“. With the first you can add a video using the URL, with the second you can do it using the insertion code contained in the videos in the configuration.

If you select the “Add Video” option, a black box will be inserted in your banner that you will then have to configure to show the clip.

  1. Add a link to the video you want to show.

Autoplay: To start playing when the user is on the page containing the banner.

Loop: Select this if you want the video to be replayed when it is finished.

Autohide: to hide when finished.

They are also: Display Youtube logo and Sound only in Roll Over. As well as selecting the quality of the video and the volume it will have.

If you decide to add a video from “Add Embed”:

YouTube, for example, provides us with the embed code of the videos we play. This alternative is necessary if we want to determine the size of the video, if it will then show suggestions of other clips, show playback controls and more.


As an additional element you can put some filter to the video so that it has an effect that combines with the rest of what you have placed in the banner. This is achieved by clicking on the video within the banner and then selecting the “Color” item. There you can also add shadows and a color background that will be displayed before the video appears in the box.