How to add your own images to the banner

If we want to attract the attention of the audience that will see the ad, it better be as attractive and simple as possible. It is advisable to use photographs with excellent resolution, which clearly reflect the idea that you want to project so that people know what the promotion will be done with the banner.

For example, if the banner is intended to promote Smarthphones, you can add photos in which a person is happy to use the cell phone or you can also display a photograph in HD that captures the details of the device to the point of wanting to touch it.

In addition to having templates with excellent designs for ads, Klobic offers the opportunity to add background images or in any other element.

Here are the steps you need to take to get there:

Before proceeding, the first thing to do is to enter the Klobic editor with your username and password, if you have not registered, press the corresponding button and a window like this will appear:

When you are inside, the following will be click on “Create new” and select the option of banner of your preference.

  1. Select a default template, in order to help you design but with the option to modify the elements.
  1. In the Add image option you can add photos to your banner, both the ones you want to upload from your computer, clicking on “My image”, or the photos available in the “Stock” of Klobic.

  1. The next thing is to modify the size of the image by stretching it or reducing it in one of its corners, before you have to click on it to appear the points.

In this part you can also add properties and effects, such as borders, shadows and transition.

The transition is how the image will appear when the banner is displayed on the web, that is, if you want the photograph to start to be viewed from the bottom up, or like a dim light, and more effects that will have characteristic and modifiable attributes.

The layers allow us to position the images above or below another element of the banner.

Another important aspect of adding images to Klobic’s banner is that they can be placed as background on buttons, and basic shapes like circles, rectangles, triangles and others. You just have to blow your imagination.

After giving you the details and the actions that we like best, there is only Save, put a name and fill in the other fields to finally download your embed code.