How to add different copy to banner using various tools

When creating an advertising campaign, in this case online, one of the first things that both the designer and the marketer ask themselves – in some cases is the same person – ¿what copy should the banners carry?

On this topic we find a lot of references on the web but it is also very important the way in which that copy is shown, that is to say, the type of font that is used and the presentation of this one.

In Klobic you have the necessary tools to create striking presentations for the copy of your banner. It has never been easier to make advertisements so willing to place a copy that attract.

¿How to add different copy with different tools?

  1. Get into to Klobic by logging in with your account. If you have not already created it, you can do it in a matter of seconds by pressing the “Sign Up” button. After that you must enter with your data.

  1. Select the type of banner that is required to edit: “Display Ads” or “Social Media”.

  1. Choose a template that best suits you to start editing.
  1. On the left edge of the editor you will see a menu with different options to modify the elements that already exist in the template that you have chosen, for example, to add a different copy.

In this part we will teach you to add several formats for copy.

  1. Circles are the perfect choice to display information about or those that are a plus in the rest of the message. Combining with the color and style of the font in addition to the color of the circle, this copy will become an appealing factor.
  1. The rectangles are used to configure the kind of poster within the banner. There you can use fonts that describe the list of things, for example.
  1. Unfilled circle, another of the available graphics that could give more modern sense to the banner. In them you can write keywords about the product or service that you are promoting.
  1. With the buttons, in addition to writing a short copy, it will be intuitive for people, they will click on it. We have several versions of cobs with which you can play.
  1. A rectangle with rounded edges may also appear to be a button to click on. They can be used to place titles with a large font to hierarchize the copy.
  1. Classic fonts will always be a good bet. If you click on them within the banner you can change the size, style and more.
  1. Small letters are useful for expressing addresses, dates, considerations and any other secondary information.

At the end you can save the banner by pressing the Save button and follow the instructions to download it for your own use.